Encounter God through creative worship.

We seek to usher in the Presence of God. He is the main event. We take all of our talents and preparation and give them to God to be used by Him for His glory. We seek to bring others into that same encounter. We believe that we all are changed from the inside out through ongoing encounters with Him!

Creative arts directly connect people to the person and presence of God. God is a creative (Genesis 1)! All expressions of creativity, whether playing an instrument, singing, or working with media, are in fact expressions of God’s very nature! When we surrender to God’s spirit, allowing the talents He’s given us to be used to represent him to others, something very powerful happens! People encounter a real and loving God!

Meet Our Worship Ministry Leaders

Brian Thomas

Creative Arts Pastor

Brian has served in his role as Creative Arts Pastor since 2012. He is passionate about fostering talent in others, pastoring his teams, and encountering the presence of God.

Luke Thomas

Creative Director

Luke oversees media and visual arts. He joined The Hill Ministries in 2019, bringing with him experience and a degree in music performance.

To directly support our Creative Arts Team ministry, we welcome you to donate to our GoFundMe! All donations are tax deductible and will be used to purchase equipment that will allow us to continue spreading the Gospel through worship and media! Click here to donate.

Contact the Creative Arts Ministry

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